What is strategic sustainability?

2023-04-05T15:33:57+02:0017. October 2022|

Currently, the big swing towards a sustainable economy is taking place. In accordance with the European Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD for short - the new EU directive on CSR reporting), it is important to base your own corporate success story in the direction of sustainability on the following three aspects: - Environment - Social - Governance

The EFQM model applied in practice

2023-04-04T11:34:36+02:002. June 2022|

In my role as an EFQM expert, I work on issues related to the further development of management systems in various contexts. For many years now, the trend has been toward integrated management systems that cover not only quality but also environmental, (occupational) safety and IT security. The underlying ISO standards follow the guideline for the development and revision of standards, which is classically based on the PDCA cycle.

NEW WORK – Came to stay!

2023-04-05T15:43:56+02:0025. February 2022|

"New Work" is a buzzword that is not so new anymore, but has come to stay - and to retire the previous system "work". After two years of the pandemic at the latest, a large part of our society has arrived in the global-digital age, which has completely new demands on our jobs, employers and their image. But what does New Work actually mean?

Self-management – derivations from agile software development

2021-08-31T15:11:03+02:0031. August 2021|

We are all challenged, times are demanding and constantly bring new challenges. You can reward yourself and your team once in a while and do something good for yourself. All the better if this also advances the organization as a whole. That's exactly what we offer with our interactive online webinar "Self-Management". In four varied hours we set impulses for self-reflection and common exchange.

Curtain up – crises are the mother of invention

2023-04-05T14:46:22+02:0030. June 2021|

The turbulent times have made quite a stir in our daily professional life. Some things didn't work anymore, some things had to be rearranged and some new things came up. Especially in the area of online collaboration many innovations have been established in a very short time.

Digital Transformation – Are You Ready for the Future?

2021-03-25T11:36:43+01:0025. March 2021|

Whether an organization achieves a successful digital transformation depends first and foremost not only on the technologies it deploys for this purpose. Another key factor for success is whether the organization has provided its digital transformation with a clear vision of the future that it has developed for itself. Only with a clear "alignment" of the organization for the future and with clarity and consistency in processes and data can digitization unfold its full benefits as a "means to an end".

The EFQM model thought systemically

2021-01-29T09:19:44+01:0029. January 2021|

When approaching this question from the systemic stance, the distinction between "living" and "non-living systems" comes to mind. If you think of organizations as non-living systems, then descriptions like "the organization behaves like a machine" that runs well, or "this problem with leadership is something we need to fix with the right tools" fit the bill.

The new EFQM Model 2020 – From Ego to Ecosystem

2023-05-03T09:36:30+02:0025. November 2019|

The new EFQM model was presented in Helsinki in October 2019 and invites users to exciting discussions: What has changed in the 2020 model? Where are the new priorities, and what does that mean in practice? As part of the development team of the new version of the model, I do not want to withhold "deeper insights".

Leadership in Action

2023-04-28T10:15:25+02:0026. June 2018|

Who doesn't know the usual dilemma that mercilessly haunts us all in different contexts: We have well-founded, tested and, from our point of view, helpful contents that we want to pass on to interested parties. But how? In what form? In what way exactly? And not again so ... As an experienced senior consultant in the FACT Consulting team, I encounter this question more and more often. Because our clients expect something "new", with a touch of "innovation" and of course "completely risk-free in application". And it should be " easily under the skin ", almost unnoticeable, but still "very energizing!". Quite simple, isn't it?

Austrian Quality Award – with Excellence to Sustainable Success

2017-02-15T16:27:49+01:0015. February 2017|

Pragmatically, each organization has its own expression of "corporate quality." This includes the nature and current state of the entire company in terms of structure, activity, but also in terms of attitude and values, as well as results achieved from business activities. Seen in this light, we consciously or unconsciously come into contact with the topic of corporate quality in our daily activities. So it would actually be great to actively shape excellence, for example by participating in the Austrian Quality Award.

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