NEW WORK – Came to stay!

2023-04-05T15:43:56+02:0025. February 2022|

"New Work" is a buzzword that is not so new anymore, but has come to stay - and to retire the previous system "work". After two years of the pandemic at the latest, a large part of our society has arrived in the global-digital age, which has completely new demands on our jobs, employers and their image. But what does New Work actually mean?

Self-management – derivations from agile software development

2021-08-31T15:11:03+02:0031. August 2021|

We are all challenged, times are demanding and constantly bring new challenges. You can reward yourself and your team once in a while and do something good for yourself. All the better if this also advances the organization as a whole. That's exactly what we offer with our interactive online webinar "Self-Management". In four varied hours we set impulses for self-reflection and common exchange.

Strategy – From the “crystal ball” to real life

2018-11-06T09:40:59+01:006. November 2018|

Successful strategy work must not get lost in vague and unspecific topics. In any case, in practical processing the following applies: "Talk is silver - action is gold", because with it a change of perspective can succeed, a different experience, so that strategy can be attacked and arrive in real life. This also includes a critical examination of common strategy tools and a sometimes uncomfortable questioning of the way they are used in the company - only in this way will sustainable benefits arise from their application.

The Peripety Principle – The Art of Effective Leadership

2018-06-25T13:15:16+02:0025. June 2018|

Three brothers are writing a book together about "leadership" - and it landed on my desk a few weeks ago. The title made me curious right away, also because I had not known the word "peripety" - I confess openly and honestly. It's a good thing that the blurb immediately enlightens me about the meaning of the word: peripetia comes from the theater, the classical drama...

Lost in Strategy?

2017-05-22T14:08:11+02:0022. May 2017|

Strategy is still popular. If there is any ambiguity or vagueness, it is elegantly shoved into the "Strategy" topic area. And you can't know that for sure anyway, it actually concerns the future and that is known to be uncertain.

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