Pragmatically seen, each organization has its own expression of “corporate quality.” This includes the nature and current state of the entire company in terms of structure, activity, but also in terms of attitude and values, as well as results achieved from business activities. Seen in this light, we consciously or unconsciously come into contact with the topic of corporate quality in our daily activities. So it would actually be great to actively shape excellence, for example by participating in the Austrian Quality Award.

What does “corporate quality” mean?

Within the scope of my work for FACT Consulting, I am always actively involved in the area of business excellence. According to EFQM, the term corporate quality can be defined as follows:

“Organizations with high business quality consistently achieve outstanding performance that meets or exceeds the expectations of their stakeholders.”

The development of corporate quality takes place in recurring steps:

  • Description and evaluation of the overall status of the company
  • Definition and implementation of concrete improvement measures

As already indicated by the “recurring steps” it is necessary to work continuously and with consistency on the constant improvement. Participation in a state award assessment can be considered here as an entry scenario as well as a long-term goal for one’s own excellence development.

What is the Austrian Quality Award?

The State Award for Corporate Quality is the official national award for holistic top performance by the best companies and honors the particularly successful implementation of excellence principles and the results achieved as a result. It has been awarded by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy in cooperation with qualityaustria since 1996. All national and international companies and organizations with a focus on Austria can apply for the Austrian Quality Award.

Based on the EFQM model, procedures and results in 9 criteria are assessed in the State Award Assessment by external assessors in the course of a site visit, taking into account the relevant stakeholders (owners, customers, employees, partners, society, etc.).

EFQM Model

© EFQM, Criteria Model 2013


The overarching goal of the Austrian Quality Award is to anchor and strengthen corporate quality and excellence in as many organizations in Austria as possible and thus to further develop competitiveness. Austrian organizations are to be accompanied and supported on their way to excellence.

More information about the state award can be found by visiting the website

What are the benefits of participating in the State Prize?

The benefits of participating in a state award are many. The following are some of the most commonly cited factors from organizations that have participated to date:

    • Valuable feedback from external experts on specific strengths and improvement potentials of your organization in the key business areas / subject areas in the course of the site visit to your company
    • Viewing the organization as a whole on the basis of the comprehensive EFQM model, which covers all areas of the company
    • Written feedback report on strengths and potential for improvement as a basis for systematic further development in the direction of excellence
    • Benchmark opportunities – By participating, you can measure yourself against other excellent companies in Austria
    • Official confirmation of demonstrably high corporate quality (EFQM Recognised for Excellence, Excellent Company of Austria, State Prize Finalist,…)



20 years of Excellence for Austria

More exciting statements about the concrete benefits of participating organizations can be found in the anniversary brochure “Excellence for Austria”.

Download brochure here


Interested in the topic?

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