ESG: Environmental Social Governance or “Excellence = Strategically Smart!”

2023-04-27T10:07:15+02:004. April 2023|

For many years, we at FACT Consulting have been supporting companies in their strategy work, advising them on the subject of leadership and supporting them in process design. Excellent companies thus manage to implement clear strategic priorities through consistently acting executives with committed employees in clear processes.

From Happiness to Well-Being – On Positive Organizational Psychology and Excellence.

2019-05-21T16:49:27+02:0021. May 2019|

The idea of positive psychology was and is not to "correct weaknesses" but rather to promote positive emotions and build strengths and virtues. This approach has long been adopted by those companies for whom mediocrity is not enough. This leads to a win-win situation: If the employees are doing well, the organization is also more successful.

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