How it all began …

The turbulent times have made quite a stir in our daily professional life. Some things didn’t work anymore, some things had to be rearranged and also new things came up. Especially in the area of online collaboration many innovations have been established in a very short time.

For almost 25 years we have also been conducting assessments according to the EFQM criteria as part of our consulting activities – remotely, or partly online. For this purpose, customers create a documented self-image according to the EFQM criteria, which is subsequently deepened and reflected upon in an (usually) on-site assessment. The results of this are identified strengths and potential for improvement as well as an achieved score level, i.e. the degree of corporate quality.


Deepen knowledge

After creating an initial self-image, many companies decide to conduct a self-assessment, which they have supported by consulting services, before undergoing an external assessment (e.g., as part of the state award process). This is often based on the desire to deepen knowledge internally before venturing “outside”.

In the age of Corona, in many contexts the opportunity to meet physically fell away and shifted to the virtual level, where for example last year an assessment was held entirely remotely. Which steps have proven effective in practice to enable successful assessments despite distance? Get tips on how to do it here.

I would also like to introduce you to another type of online collaboration, on the one hand to inform you, and on the other hand to make you curious and possibly invite you to join in.


Learning from the best – online interviews

As you can see, in the Quality Austria Corporate Quality Team, we have jointly broadened the EFQM approach “Shares what works” and converted it to new media. After face-to-face events with experienced experts were no longer possible, we changed direction and approached these know-how carriers directly and asked for an online interview.


Less is more

Guided by prepared slides, this has resulted in 20-minute video recordings in each case, where experienced managers talk about their best practices, allow insights into their tried-and-tested EFQM approaches and explain practical examples very openly.

Equipped with this raw material, an approximately seven-minute compilation was created from each contribution, which visualizes the addressed contents in a lively and comprehensible way by means of animated graphics.


We have already come a long way!

In the meantime, almost all EFQM criteria have been presented from both the theoretical and the practical side. This material is used in training courses on corporate quality and thus enriches online training courses in particular in a very positive way.



Being there is everything

Currently, further productions in the area of individual focal points from the EFQM context are in preparation. In June, for example, the topics of innovation and knowledge management were highlighted. So it remains exciting!


Now it’s your turn: Share your successful examples or helpful approaches and experiences with us. The implementation is very compact and can be scheduled well. Maybe you have a slot open this summer, allowing others an interesting learning opportunity!
Of course, you will also receive the videos for your own use, the online provision is currently in preparation. This way everyone can contribute and we grow together!

I look forward to hearing from you and sharing your success story!

With summery greetings, Johann Sauermann