What is strategic sustainability?

2023-04-05T15:33:57+02:0017. October 2022|

Currently, the big swing towards a sustainable economy is taking place. In accordance with the European Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD for short - the new EU directive on CSR reporting), it is important to base your own corporate success story in the direction of sustainability on the following three aspects: - Environment - Social - Governance

The EFQM model applied in practice

2023-04-04T11:34:36+02:002. June 2022|

In my role as an EFQM expert, I work on issues related to the further development of management systems in various contexts. For many years now, the trend has been toward integrated management systems that cover not only quality but also environmental, (occupational) safety and IT security. The underlying ISO standards follow the guideline for the development and revision of standards, which is classically based on the PDCA cycle.

How the “Green Deal” affects your strategy

2023-04-05T15:06:57+02:0020. September 2021|

The EU Taxonomy Regulation published in June 2020 clearly aims to make capital flows in the EU sustainable and thus move the entire economy towards sustainability. This has a massive impact on strategy work in different industries and company sizes. Six environmental goals address specific dimensions.

Curtain up – crises are the mother of invention

2023-04-05T14:46:22+02:0030. June 2021|

The turbulent times have made quite a stir in our daily professional life. Some things didn't work anymore, some things had to be rearranged and some new things came up. Especially in the area of online collaboration many innovations have been established in a very short time.

Sustainability – With small steps to the goal

2023-04-05T15:05:08+02:0026. April 2021|

Environmental protection, sustainability and resource conservation is THE topic, also in global politics. That change is urgently needed to counteract the effects of climate change is beyond question and simply concerns us all. Our common goal must be the protection of the environment, especially with regard to our posterity, the reduction of emissions and the production of less waste.

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