Schaffner Silvia

The Peripety Principle – The Art of Effective Leadership

2018-06-25T13:15:16+02:0025. June 2018|

Three brothers are writing a book together about "leadership" - and it landed on my desk a few weeks ago. The title made me curious right away, also because I had not known the word "peripety" - I confess openly and honestly. It's a good thing that the blurb immediately enlightens me about the meaning of the word: peripetia comes from the theater, the classical drama...

Austrian Quality Award – with Excellence to Sustainable Success

2017-02-15T16:27:49+01:0015. February 2017|

Pragmatically, each organization has its own expression of "corporate quality." This includes the nature and current state of the entire company in terms of structure, activity, but also in terms of attitude and values, as well as results achieved from business activities. Seen in this light, we consciously or unconsciously come into contact with the topic of corporate quality in our daily activities. So it would actually be great to actively shape excellence, for example by participating in the Austrian Quality Award.

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