Environmental protection, sustainability and resource conservation is THE topic, also in global politics. That change is urgently needed to counteract the effects of climate change is beyond question and simply concerns us all. Our common goal must be the protection of the environment, especially with regard to our posterity, the reduction of emissions and the production of less waste. But what is the best way for a company to play its part? In principle, social, economic and ecological sustainability should be equally in focus.

5 tips – straight from our everyday office life

But even in everyday office life, many small changes arise to think about the future. Perhaps the following suggestions can also be implemented for your company? Be inspired by the small steps you can take to help protect the environment:

#1 Mobility
It is not only good for our health, but also for the climate to use public transport, scooters, bicycles. As an incentive to use public transportation, you can provide your employees with the Job Ticket, which also does not incur any additional ancillary wage costs. Bicycles and scooters should be able to be parked safely and easily. We know that flying is the most climate-damaging way to travel. Whenever possible, my colleagues therefore travel by train. Sometimes, however, the car is indispensable. Carpooling is therefore very popular with us. Tip: When buying a new car, you should pay close attention to the emission values.

#2 Waste prevention / separation and disposal
Proper waste separation and disposal is also essential and can be made simple. The obligation to separate waste and various disposal systems help to dispose of it properly. However, the environmental idea should be in the foreground even before waste is created. Producing less waste means consciously avoiding the purchase of disposable products. The coffee for in-between is prepared with coffee beans from the bulk pack, we use (long-life) milk from glass bottles, instead of small portions of milk from plastic. Our office has always been a “water office” and we enjoy Vienna High Spring Water, which also reduces plastic/glass bottle waste.

#3 Resource-saving products
Our office supplies were converted to resource-saving use a long time ago. We use recycled paper packed in large cartons (this saves packaging and is also cheaper). However, much of the work is now no longer printed but digitally processed. For example, our customers receive invoices digitally and no longer by mail as in the past. Disposable products can also be avoided in stationery. Refillable ballpoint pens are a resource-saving and sustainable option here.

#4 Energy
Saving electricity is not only good for the wallet! At office closing time, make sure all equipment and lights are turned off. Maybe you can switch to energy saving light bulbs/LEDs, power/energy saving appliances, or have weekend and night heating setback like we do to avoid unnecessary heating for an empty office?

#5 Healthy Snacks and Sustainable Eating
Our healthy favorite for in-between and the perfect “brain food” are unpackaged walnuts. There are now countless ways to get unpackaged food.

My tip: The European organic walnuts from Wanu Walnuts(www.wanu.at). Not only do we employees benefit from this initiative, but the purchase also supports the ecological and human idea of the project.

For all of you who, like us, don’t have a canteen in the office, I can especially recommend a small fine food start-up from Vienna. The concept, the idea and especially the taste completely convinced us to make our lunch more colorful, sustainable and environmentally friendly. The idea: The freshly cooked dishes are submitted and delivered in Vienna 1x a week, while the empty jars are collected again. There is no packaging and much fewer delivery kilometers: so the ecological thought is also in the foreground.

More at www.rex-eat.at

Forward-looking work in the companies of the CONENGA Group

“Sustainability is anchored in our corporate culture – for efficient use of our valuable domestic resources.” DI Richard Wipp, Management of VOIGT+WIPP GmbH, a company of the CONENGA Group.

For this purpose, it is possible to work and think in a forward-looking way, especially in the technical field. Various VOIGT+WIPP projects show that topics such as waste heat recovery and plant optimization contribute to energy efficiency and reduction of CO2 emissions and thus to cost savings. Get an impression of it here!

Ensuring one’s own contribution to society

Johann Sauermann already wrote about it a year ago in his blog article “Together we are more – about social responsibility“: As the EFQM Approach 2020 propagates, it is about ensuring one’s own social contribution to a greater extent in addition to corporate success. In contrast to the CSR beginnings, these are not “charitable activities” but the strategic integration of sustainable, social benefits into the core of the company. This means that the products, services and processes required for the economic success of a company are no longer planned in isolation – instead, the social context with its social and ecological dimensions is directly included.

Our EFQM expert therefore advises: Contribute actively to the sustainability goals and bring in your know-how. This motivates your employees, creates innovative partnerships in the network and helps the common good – and thus also your own company in the medium term.

Contact us! We would be happy to advise you if your organization…

  • Wants to explore different opportunities for social benefit
  • Considers integrating the societal perspective into your strategy and planning process
  • Wants to discuss case studies of creating sustainable value from leading companies
  • Seeks metrics to measure your social and environmental activities

Our intention: Contributing to environmental protection together – with small steps to the goal! Maybe you like one or the other idea on the topic of sustainability and you can take something for your company!?