Is your glass full too?

Who does not know them. The motivational story of the jar with the pebbles, the sand and the water. The large stones are filled into the jar until it is full. Following this, it is asked whether the glass is now full. Yes it is. Now small pebbles are added. Is the glass full now? Yes, isn’t it? Stop. There’s still something there. Now sand is filled, it slides through the stones and fills all the gaps. But it’s full now, isn’t it? No. Water is emptied into the glass in a descriptive manner. What do we learn from this? The order of filling is crucial. If you fill small pebbles to the brim first, no more large stones will fit.

Converted to project life, it can mean that there is still some space between the big orders – the big bricks – and the small orders – the small bricks, and that through clever and foresighted planning and layering, the glass can still be filled.
Project controlling is therefore more than “juggling numbers”. It is a successful accompaniment of the project managers in the project execution.

Identify demand

But everything from the beginning. In order to layer our “glass” in the best possible way, we naturally also need someone in our company who can keep an eye on the project. As an important and essential building block for project management along the corporate strategy and as support for the project manager, it is indispensable for us. Especially as CONENGA Group in the diverse project work in the areas of management consulting, technical consulting, process and control engineering solutions as well as plant (re)construction, it was necessary to strengthen us in project controlling in order to optimally fill the now quite large glass.

How to find?

For recruiting, we relied on DIY recruiting and a personalized job ad, as we had for past job postings. The joy was great, because this time it worked again faster than expected through “informal” channels! The recommendation of a colleague was a stroke of luck and we were able to welcome Anja Trnka to our team. “War for Talent” won!
Who she is and what, from her point of view, is indispensable for successful project controlling? Read more about this in the CONENGA Group News.