“TOUCH DOWN” – that’s the name of Oliver Greiner’s new strategy book, which promises a guide to “how companies become unbeatable.” Greiner’s third work shows ways to realign strategy work in your organization to achieve outstanding results, leading your vision to success.

The book offers insight into innovative strategy formation and presents this from a direct user perspective. It shows concrete procedures and tangible tips from the author’s many years of experience, as well as interesting examples and anecdotes from global corporations to start-up miracles.

For the author, this involves two central aspects:

    Developing conceptual strength – that is, changing the character of your business model (e.g., what customers, what products do we want to address in the future?)
    Focuses on the development of implementation strength by developing something existing in its application (e.g. we want to become faster, friendlier, cheaper)

The constant interactions between these perspectives of “being different” and “being better” are diverse and complex and thus the reason why they are not separately analyzed in most companies.

But only those companies that are both different and better will survive long and very successfully in their industry. These are not necessarily the biggest or the coolest, but those who have permanently found the best solution in the overall picture and keep finding it – so-called “market champions”.


Swear yourself and your company to a common goal within the framework of your strategy – this will create the basic prerequisite for becoming different and better!


“Touchdown! How companies become unbeatable. The Strategy Book”
1st edition August 2018
304 pages, hardcover
ISBN: 978-3-867-74609-0
Murmann Publishing House, Hamburg