Ideally, the credo of every future-oriented company is to recognize and utilize the potential of its own employees. FACT Consulting offers everyone working in the team the opportunity to use their talents to develop new perspectives and content. Even Steve Jobs said, “New things happen when a company honors difference, not conformity.”

I’ve been back from maternity leave for six months now, and I’ve been able to pursue further education and creativity in line with my interests. And let’s face it – especially in this age of virtual communication, pictures speak a thousand words. So why not take a bold approach to things (or pens, for that matter)?

DIY – the motto for us not only in recruiting and the website.

Many companies have outsourced graphic tasks and are doing very well. But even when it comes to creativity and visualization, FACT is now increasingly focusing on “do-it-yourself”. As an organization that creates an environment out of conviction, where creativity can “bubble up” and unfold, it has a clear advantage here.

To allow creativity to flow, we have also created the spatial conditions. Already in 2017, rigid furniture was banished and our “LAB” was created. For the practical implementation of our ideas, we now have a tablet with a drawing pen and a suitable app, in addition to common graphics programs, so that we can not only “put down on paper” designs, visualizations and drawings, but also use the created content digitally in a variety of ways.

Why draw at all?

Have you ever felt the same way? You talk and talk, try to explain an idea or a fact in detail and you can see that your counterpart can’t follow you? Often, complicated issues can be conveyed much better through sketches, drawings, etc. Why is that? The vast majority of people tend to be the “visual type”: we think in pictures. Our brain loves pictures!

We process drawn information much faster and store it more easily. Symbols help us to keep track of things, to put things in order and to create clarity. They increase attention and create recognition value. Drawings – used skilfully – break complicated things down to the essentials and get to the heart of the matter.

By the way, this also and especially applies to the person who creates it. The process of visualization requires an intensive examination of the content. At the end of this process, you can usually enjoy a deeper understanding and a new, clearer picture on the subject. So why not take up the pencil yourself and “trace” over an idea?

Your benefit?

We keep our finger on the pulse of the times and pick up on the fact that a lot is moving and can be moved in the field of visualization. In customer projects, for example, content is prepared and presented in an even more creative way. As always, we are also in close customer relations here. Together with our customers we develop individual images and can visualize them digitally in a suitable form. This creates attention, loosens up and gets to the heart of things. Oh yes, and of course it’s fun!

With this in mind: Pencils, get set, go!